Carve Literary Services


Need an extra set of eyes on your poems? I’m happy to say that I am now editing poetry through Carve Magazine Editing Services.



Developmental – $12 / page
Receive up to 1 page (single-spaced) of feedback on entire manuscript focusing on poetic elements such as stanza and line-break structures, imagery and sound, and themes and style.


Line-by-Line – $14 / page
A developmental critique of entire manuscript plus line edits and notes throughout the manuscript to highlight elements of the writing that are strong or need improvement.

I am also offering ongoing mentoring and comprehensive services through Limpede Ink in multiple genres. These services are perfect for longer projects and for anyone in need of regular feedback.

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Interview with Carve Magazine

I was recently promoted to Poetry Editor at Carve Magazine! I’ve loved working with Carve on the poetry reading committee, and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to work more closely with its staff and writers on expanding and improving the section.

Poetry submissions open today, and to kick off my editorship and the new reading period, check out an interview I did with Carve blogger Janelle Drumwright!