• This City Is a Poem: “Rose Oil”
  • Poetry in the Dark (video series) at Prizer Arts and Letters Gallery: “Plea”
  • Dash Literary Journal Volume 10 (spring 2017): “Persephone’s Girlhood”
  • San Antonio Express News (January 1, 2017): At Least for a Little While
  • Washington Square Review Issue 38 (fall 2016):” I Took the Strand of Days and Made a Sparrow”
  • The Grief Diaries: Grief, I Store You Away, and Linked
  • Chicon Street Poets: Distance” & “I Dream of You Apologizing
  • The Fem: Ghost 
  • Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review #43: Mourners
  • Sweet: A Literary Confection: Anthropomorphizing the Orchid
  • The Missouri Review Online: If There Is Anything
  • Bird’s Thumb: Postcard
  • Northwind Magazine: At the Beach & Florida Hike at Dusk
  • The Dirty Napkin: Like Planets (Cover Prize) 44.9


Other Media


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