Oregon State University Campus Creature Census

Yesterday I found out that I am the student award winner for poetry in the Oregon State Campus Creature Census, an annual contest in which students submit poetry, prose, art, or photography of/about a local creature (plant or animal). My poem is about the inside-out flower, a lovely little white flower that grows in Douglas Fir forests.

The contest is part of the Spring Creek Project at Oregon State, an initiative run by the College of Liberal Arts. I won a small cash prize and the poem will be published on their website :). I’ll make sure to post it when it is released.



Kevin Young Master Class

(Hannah Baggott, Dahlia Seroussi, myself, and Kevin Young)
(Hannah Baggott, Dahlia Seroussi, myself, and Kevin Young)

On April 13th I had the opportunity to attend a Master Class lead by Kevin Young, who recently published his eighth poetry collection, Book of Hours. I am very grateful to Kevin for the very helpful feedback on one of my poems and to Literary Arts for organizing the class and providing a scholarship for me.

Favorite advice from Kevin to the class: think about how people talk; it’s not often in full sentences. Rhythm variation helps poems sound musical and colloquial. If you hear your poem calling out to you musically, you have to follow it.